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Forty years ago, we started a company in a small place, doing our very best to make our customers happy. We did not find customers for our products, but found products for our customers. And they became our loyal customers. Since then, Countec has been ceaselessly working to provide technological advancement and future focused development for our customers. And that has made more customers happy and they brought their friends and partners to us. It was like a virtuous circle and that was exactly how our customers grew our business. Innovative technology, loyal customers and mutual growth were the main driving force behind 40 years, and the same will drive us for the next 40 years.

InterPharmTechnology®/ИнтерФармТехнология® - официальный представитель Countec на территории России и стран ЕАЭС


ул. Годовикова д. 9 Москва

8 (495) 950-56-65




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