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Cos.Mec s.r.l. has been supplying equipment of its own design and manufacturing to Italian and foreign chemical and pharmaceutical companies since 1994, offering also effective maintenance services, upgrading of existing plants and replacement of obsolete machinery.

Cos.Mec is not focused on the sale of its products only but it aims at offering all-encompassing services ranging from thorough pre-installation equipment inspection to materials integrity checks and production assistance services.

Rolstech LLC - representative of Cos.Mec s.r.l.

Moscow region, Sergiev Posad, Tsentral'naya street 1

+7 (495) 231-49-51

+7 (496) 549-11-72

The plants designed to perform certain functions are not all the same. Despite reaching the same goals, they may be very different as far as their design philosophy and construction technology are concerned.

The added value that Cos.Mec can offer you is its utmost care in meeting the customer’s needs and guidelines in relation to both functional and economic aspects. Our products are characterized by the total reproducibility of their functions, low operation and maintenance costs, high versatility and fast payback compared to those from our competitors.

Our clients have always recognized our ability to supply high-quality solutions in compliance with cGMP-FDA guidelines.

These are the reasons why our clients choose Cos.Mec plants.



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