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JEHMLICH is an independent manufacturer of customized milling machines, fine milling plants and crushers for industrial processes and applications. Customer specific plant solutions for fine milling are our strength. For almost 100 years JEHMLICH has been mastering ambitious projects from compact design to industrial scale for its global customer base.

Globally, more than 500 JEHMLICH plants & machines are in operation at our customers. Among our reference clients are well known brands of medium-sized and large corporates with highest demands in terms of production and product quality.

We develop and manufacture our machines and plants in coated or stainless steel, in standard, Hygienic Design and GMP layouts. We run or own material testing facility with multiple options for milling trials and result measurement and documentation. Our trial database has references for a large quantum of materials to the benefit of our customers when a specific solution is required.

For our customers we are also the preferred partner in services and supplies of engineered spare parts. In many cases our engineers on request are able to remotely log on to an installed plant for optimization of operating processes and efficient problem solving.



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